Landscape Character Assessment and management of change

Landscape character assessment identifies areas of similar character, classifying and mapping them and describing their character. Our approach is to define what is important in the landscape and devise strategies to ensure that this is conserved and enhanced whilst improving degraded landscapes. Our key objective is to ensure that a robust landscape evidence base fully and usefully informs the planning process.

The practice has carried out landscape character assessments for authorities in England in addition to LANDMAP studies in Wales [see the LANDMAP page]. These have been used to inform Local Plans and subsequent inquiries.

Special Landscape Area studies are not encouraged in England, although commonplace in Wales and Scotland. However, we have found that they are consistent with NPPF. Within this context we have carried out a study in Stratford on Avon which is under particular pressure from a range of developments.


At a local scale we have worked with Dursley Town Council to produce a local landscape assessment to inform the neighbourhood development plan.

In order to tackle the gradual degradation of the English landscape heartlands we prepared a landscape strategy for a large country estate in Leicestershire. We tried to create a landscape which could be sustainably funded and managed though careful redevelopment.


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