Landscape and seascape sensitivity to renewable energy

As a major strand of work by the practice over recent years, we have studied the sensitivity of landscapes for wind turbine development throughout England and Wales. Studies have encompassed upland and lowland areas, nationally designated landscapes, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and locally valued landscapes.

In helping to develop TAN8 in Wales, the concept of concentration of development in strategic search areas (SSA) was developed with Arup in order to reduce the effects across Wales. Subsequently, each SSA has been studied in detail and its boundaries refined.

We have expanded our sensitivity assessment technique to include solar farms which have different qualities and therefore require different criteria.


Our expertise in seascape assessment at a national and local level has also allowed us to assess the impacts of large scale offshore and inshore projects such as the Atlantic Array wind farm and Swansea Bay tidal lagoon.


Our studies seek to provide an objective and robust landscape and seascape evidence basis for renewable energy policy and development control decison-making which is not influenced either by developers or local pressure groups.

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