Expert witness

Simon White has appeared as expert witness on landscape, seascape and visual impact issues over 15 years for a wide range of development types including housing, employment and renewable energy.

Our approach is that Simon undertakes the underlying desk study and site assessment, writes the proof and appears at the Inquiry. This means that the strongest arguments based on the highest quality work and experience can be brought to bear, but at a cost that compares to consultants using a team of junior staff.


Many recent inquiries are Section 78 appeals relating to housing with pressure put on authorities who lack an adequate housing supply. We put up a robust case using both landscape and (urban) design arguments backed up by compelling visuals where necessary to expose key issues (see visualisation above at Stockton, Warwickshire).


Some inquiries have related to Local Plans where previous landscape assessments or strategies have been undertaken or in appeals on specific developments. This capability is considered to be an essential adjunct to undertaking strategic landscape planning work for local authorities, such as sensitivity and capacity studies.


Renewable energy has figured prominently in appeal work. Tidal energy and energy from waste facilities have been assessed and taken through to inquiries or hearings. Wind farms both within and outside Strategic Search Areas in Wales and preferred areas in England have also been tackled.

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