The practice has won a number of national and international awards over the years which demonstrate that we continue to maintain high standards and seek to innovate where appropriate. We acknowledge the important role of our clients who have confidence in our ability and contribute to the outcome. We also thank our associated consultants for their skill and support.

Awards include:

2010 - RTPI commendation in the Rural Areas and Natural Environment category for 'Welsh Seascapes and their Sensitivity to Offshore Developments' study.

2009 - Landscape Institute winner of Strategic Landscape Planning Award for 'Welsh Seascapes and their Sensitivity to Offshore Developments' study.

Judges’ comments: ‘This is a professional and timely piece of work. It places landscape architects in a critical position to help decision makers move forward on addressing critical issues associated with the provision of renewable energy.’

2006 - Landscape Institute Highly Commended Award for Strategic Landscape Planning for the Windfarm Strategy for the Knowesgate and Harwood area in Northumberland.

2001 - Landscape Institute Award for Local and Site Landscape Planning for the 'Study of Land surrounding Key Settlements in Cotswold District'.

2000 - The first Council of Europe Landscape Award for the study 'Landscapes Working for the Vale of Glamorgan'. This important award is only awarded every decade.

1999 - Landscape Institute Award for Landscape Planning for 'Landscapes Working for the Vale of Glamorgan'

Judges’ comments: ‘the study’s approach and outcomes have the potential to liberate landscape planning in the UK…..into a more substantial realm that fully connects with contemporary and real world issues of sustainability and quality of life’.
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