Swansea development management LVIA advice

We carried out a landscape, seascape and visual impact assessment of effects of a number of developments to inform local authority opinion on development. Assessments were undertaken in line with GLVIA. These include:

• 25 storey tower block in marina (pictured)- seascape, urban design and landscape issues were all considered.
• Proposed hangars at Swansea Airport in a sensitive location in Gower AONB and adjacent to tourist route towards coast.
• Superstore near coast of Swansea Bay in a residential area.
• Residential development in a settlement adjacent to Gower AONB [Langland Bay].
• Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon- 11.5sqkm extending 3.25km into Swansea Bay

Client: City and County of Swansea