Pembrokeshire Coast and County caravan and camping capacity studies

The character and nature of the superb Pembrokeshire Coast National Park attracts many visitors. This has led to significant development of caravans, camping and chalet developments in places which in turn have detrimentally affected the qualities of the National Park visitors seek to enjoy. The spread of development has encroached inland in places, outside the Park but within its setting.

The National Park (NPA034) and County studies were carried out separately but used the same systematic assessment of the capacity of existing Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) to accommodate a range of different types of caravan, camping and chalet developments including emerging types of accommodation such as tepees, yurts and pods. We provided advice on an LCA basis as to whether existing sites can be upgraded, extended to increase accommodation, extended to improve appearance and/or whether new sites could be accommodated. We also explored industry trends and strategic guidance on how to improve the appearance of sites. Based on this work we made recommendations on changes to the local development plan strategies and approaches to policy.

Clients: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Pembrokeshire County Council