Managing development of our seas responsibly to provide renewable energy and other services has never been more important. Simon White has given two online webinars on conserving our best seascapes through the EUROPARC Atlantic Isles platform. The first webinar explores current seascape best practice and policy/decisions and focusses on the distances at which wind turbines may have a significant effect on designated, and other, coasts. This is derived from our offshore energy SEA (OESEA) background report and includes analysis of all available offshore wind farm seascape and visual impact assessments and research on marine visibility modifiers.

The second webinar considers seascape sensitivity more generally- first looking at our national guidance for England and moving onto an assessment of seascape sensitivity to offshore wind farms in Wales. The guidance prepared for the Marine Management Organisation shows how to carry out an assessment of sensitivity for all types of marine development and explores the process, principles and who can use it.